Full Groom
This involves a bath (with a minimum of 2 washes), drying, anal glands, nails, ears, groom/cut.

Puppy Introduction
This involves a bath, nails & introduction to grooming.  Getting them used to the water, hair dryers and being handled.


Just like human nails, dog's nails grow constantly.  How often a dogís nails need to be cut will depend on the breed of the dog and their lifestyle, which will obviously change with age.

Tooth brushing and de-scaling
From a young age, if you have your dogs teeth de-scaled on a regular basis, it will keep them in good condition and also prevent bad breath avoiding expensive visits to the vets for de-scaling where they may also have to sedate your dog adding additional costs.  Regular cleaning from when they are  puppies will also get your dog used to its mouth and teeth being handled.

Ear hair removal and cleaning

Some dogs, such as poodles or shih tzu's, need the hair removed from their ears on a regular basis.  If this isn't done it can lead to ear irritation or even an infection which would then need a veterinary visit.

Because of the shape of our pets' ear canals, they are particularly prone to ear problems.  Bacteria, viruses, yeast and many parasites thrive in a warm, moist and dirty environment.  Cleansing your pet's ears should be carried out regularly from a very young age.  Cleaning ears and allowing adequate air circulation is especially important for dogs with long or floppy ears.

Anal Glands
Dogs have two anal glands located on each side of the anus (5 and 7 oíclock position).  The glands contain a strong smelling liquid which is unique to each individual dog.  They use it to mark their territory, when frightened and also to identify each other - which is why you often see dogs sniffing each otherís rear end when they say hello.  The glands normally release a little fluid through tiny openings whenever your dog defecates.  They are then refilled every day.  When the stools arenít firm enough, they can not exert enough pressure to empty the glands.  When this happens, the fluid will accumulate in the glands and eventually become overfull and impacted, making the anal area itchy and sore.  In this case they will need to be expressed.

Dog Walking
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Basic Cat Groom
Includes minor matt, dead coat removal, brush, comb out and coat conditioning.

Severe Matting
This is an additional service using the clippers to remove affected areas and is carried out at the same time as a Basic Cat Groom. 

Bath & Groom
The same as a Basic Cat Groom but including the bath.

Guinea Pig & Rabbit

Cut & Nails

Bath, Cut, Nails & Ears



Flea & Worming Treatment

Collection & Delivery Service