Additional Questions



When should my puppy have its first professional grooming? (Top)

Grooming on your puppy should start around 10 weeks of age (after second vaccination).  This is to allow your puppy to become acquainted with the routine of a groom, for example the sound of the dryer, and of course having a bath. Your groomer can also teach you the proper way to brush and handle your puppy. These techniques started early will hopefully make your puppy think that having a groom is part of their routine. The first 6 months of life for a dog is like the first 5 years for a human. So starting them early will enable you and your groomer to make grooming for your dog, a more pleasant experience for everyone including your puppy.

How often should I have my dog groomed? (Top)

This is normally every 6-8 weeks.

Will I need an appointment? (Top)

An appointment is usually required for a full groom but smaller jobs like nail clipping, are available on a drop in basis.


How Long will it take to groom my dog? (Top)

This can vary and depends on the breed.  Examples, a small breed takes between 1hr -1hr 30 mins.

My Dog doesn't like cages? (Top)

There is plenty of room for your dog to roam around the shop.  The building is very secure.

Can you cut my dog to how I like it? (Top)

If you would like your dog cut differently to how the breed should i.e. shorter/longer just let me know when you drop off your dog.

Can I wait for my dog? (Top)

Your welcome to sit and wait in reception, however dogs are better behaved and easier to groom  when they cant see/hear their owners.


Will you give my dogs treats? (Top)

You can leave treats with me to give to your dog but routinely I don't provide treats in case some dogs have allergies.

How does my dog travel in your van? (Top)

I have separate cages of all different sizes  in my van for your dog, with a nice soft beds for each dog that I collect.  Alternatively I have a harness for the front seat if you prefer.

Can I pick my dog up straight after she's done? (Top)

Yes of course you can.


Is there anywhere that I can go to while my dog is being groomed? (Top)

There is a garden centre in the village with a cafe or numerous pubs. The Dukes Head which is a Public House is close by.  Or 1 mile up the road is The Woolpack or The Worldswonder Public Houses.  Alternatively why not make a day of it and visit the Rare Breeds Centre at Woodchurch 2miles away.


My dog has sensitive skin? (Top)

We can use an hypoallergenic shampoo, please advise us when you drop your dog off for their groom of their specific needs. If your vet has prescribed your dog with a special shampoo bring it along and I will use that.


Do you just do nails? (Top)

Yes and no appointment is necessary.

Can you clean my dogs teeth? (Top)

I do de-scaling on some dogs that will let me.  These are generally dogs that have had it carried out since they were a puppy or a young age.  Dogs that don't allow me to do it will need to be seen by a vet.


How can I tell if my dog is over weight? (TOP)

If you can not feel you dogs ribs, your dog is overweight. 

What are the side effects of my dog being over weight? 

Dogs which are overweight are less energetic and are at a greater risk if they require surgery.  There are also many health problems associated with weight excess.  It can increase stress on their hearts, liver and joints. Also it can possible lead to diabetes and respiratory problems. Your pet could also have a lesser quality of life and it can reduce their life span.  Once your dog has lost their excess weight you will notice they have more energy, will be able to walk further, play longer, pant less and more importantly they will live a much longer and happier life.   If you think your dog is over weight we can weigh your dog at Smart Dogs or visit your vet, where they can advise you on diet and food plans.

My cat doesn't like dogs?

Your cat will be groomed in a separate room away from any dogs that may be with me.


What will my cat be transported in if I use the collection service? (Top)

You should put her ideally in her own cat basket and then the basket can be put into a cage for extra security during transport.


How often should my cat be groomed professionally? (Top)

This should be done every 6-8 weeks, so that your cat doesn't become too matted.  This can lead to your cat becoming stressed.


What is Microchipping? (Top)

How Microchipping works. A microchip is a tiny computer chip that contains a unique number which is inserted in between your dogs shoulder blades.  You, the owner then fills in a form providing details of your pet and their owners address.  This is then emailed to pet detect and logged onto a computer/database. If your pet strays and is found a scanner will pick up the number and pet detect can then reunite the pet with its owners. Most  vets, dog wardens and dog groomers have scanners.


Can I park outside Smart Dogs? (Top)

Yes, there is parking for customers outside.