Doggy Day Care

Are you out all day at work?
Worried about your dog being left alone at home?
Then Smart Dogs could help.
Smart Dogs has opened a Doggy Day Care.  If you are out all day or just half the day, then why not drop your dog off to us.  We will walk him as well as keep him company.
Benefits of Doggy Day Care are:
  Can prevent destructive behaviour in the home due to your dog becoming bored
  Stops your dog from becoming lonely and anxious
  Great for socialising with other dogs
  Helps in boosting your confidence in taking your dog out around other dogs
  Allows you to go out without feeling guilty that your dog is being left at home alone
  Encourages good manners and obedience
We have now extended our Doggy Day Care opening hours from 7am to 6pm
Extended hours of Doggy Day Care is available between the hours of 7am - 6pm upon request.  Please speak to a member of staff for more details.
All Day (7 hours) 8.30-3.30


This includes two 30 minute walks and playtime.

Half a Day (4 hours) flexible hours between 8.30-3.30


This includes one 30 minute walk and playtime.

Each additional 30mins after the set hours are charged at


If you wish to drop your dog off between 7am- 8am


Late pick ups will incur an additional charge at a higher rate - please ask staff for more details.
Payment is required on a day to day basis.
Packages are available - (Packages must be booked and paid for in advance)
5 days per week (one dog) Please contact us for a quote
Package prices are restricted to our regular weekly customers, if you are unsure if you qualify for these prices, please check with a member of staff.
We ask that you are on time to pick up your dog, and notice is given if you are going to be late.  There will be an additional charge for each half an hour or part thereafter, your pet is still with us.


Other information

Fresh water will be available at all times and if you would like us to feed your dog during their stay this can be arranged. However we would ask that you provide your own food to avoid upsetting the dogs stomach with sudden changes in food.   If you have a regular time you wish us to feed or walk your dog to keep within their routine then let us know.

Important information

All dogs must be treated for fleas and worms at regular intervals.

All dogs must be vaccinated.

If you would like further information about Doggy Day Care or any of our other services, then please do not hesitate to contact us